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Tratamentul articulației genunchiului fabella


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    The fabella bone has been implicated as a rare cause of exercise- induced posterolateral knee pain, when in close proximity to the corresponding condyle. Unfortunately, there is a lack of genunchi fabella data in literature for clinical routine.

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    There are limited publications about the fabella syndrome, its function and the consequence of its presence or absence is still not clear. The fabella sign is displacement of the fabella that is seen in cases of synovial effusion and popliteal fossa masses.

    Presenting complaints are commonly posterolateral knee pain and CF nerve palsy.

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    Artera poplitee 1. The fabella is an genunchi fabella accessory ossicle typically found in the lateral head of the gastrocnemius. The fabella can also be fibrocartilaginous in nature and is occasionally found in the medial head of the gastrocnemius.

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    The fabella is located in the posterior aspect of the knee where lines of tensile stress intersect. Rarely, there are 2 or 3 of these bones fabella bi- or tripartita. The tratamentul articulației genunchiului fabella Latin for little bean or flabella is a small sesamoid bone found in some mammals embedded in the tendon of the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle behind the lateral condyle of tratamentul articulației genunchiului fabella femur.

    Surse Artrita genunchiului Artrita este o afectiune frecventa, caracterizata prin durere si inflamare a unei articulatii. Cele mai afectate articulatii sunt cele de la nivelul mainii, genunchiului, soldului sau coloanei. Artrita genunchiului poate ingreuna si chiar impiedica mersul din cauza durerii puternice.

    Fracture of the fabella is a rare but important clinical entity which genunchi fabella may be overlooked. The fabella is a sesamoid bone in the posterolateral capsule of the human knee joint.

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    Mar 26, · The fabella is a sesamoid genunchi fabella bone in genunchi fabella the posterolateral genunchi fabella capsule of the human knee joint. The posterolateral corner of the knee accommodating the fabella complex is of importance genunchi fabella in orthopaedic surgery.

    It is named after Vicente Fetalveró y genunchi fabella Fabellá. The incidence of the fabella genunchi fabella syndrome appears to be higher in Asian population.

    The fabella is a sesamoid bone that may contribute to the stabilization of the posterolateral knee corner and it can very occasionally act as a source of atypical and rare knee pain and functional impairment.

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