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Arthralgia treatment, Two cases with pachydermoperiostosis and discussion of tamoxifen citrate treatment for arthralgia.

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Nevertheless, information regarding predisposing factors, prevention, and therapy of the syndrome is still lacking. Data on demographics, disease specifics, tratăm articulațiile mâinilor effects, and treatment were reviewed.

Patients were divided into two groups: those who developed M-AS after docetaxel treatment and those who did not develop the syndrome.

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The two groups were compared to identify risk factors for M-AS. Effectiveness of drugs used for M-AS was evaluated.

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  • arthritis - Romanian translation – Linguee

Nineteen patients developed the M-AS after the first docetaxel administration. Forty-eight patients did not develop the syndrome.

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Three patients in this group were excluded because they had been arthralgia treatment gabapentin or pregabalin at the time of docetaxel administration for another indication. The remaining 45 patients constituted the control group.

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The two groups were similar in age, menopause status, stage of their cancer, and histology. The M-AS group had a higher median body surface area and was more likely to receive less than the three intended arthralgia treatment of docetaxel.

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Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, atypical antiepileptics, extended corticosteroids, and opioids were drugs used as M-AS treatments. Possible risk factors and effectiveness of treatments for the syndrome are presented.

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